Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Day 1 a Roma!

On the metro ride over here, Pat and I were trying to think of what we wanted to say on here and here's what we've come up with so far.

First, we wanted to say how absolutely amazing our wedding was. In Patrick's words ''I think one word sums it up. Starts with a P and ends with and ERFECT.'' We had a blast and I dare say that most of our guests had a blast as well. We couldn't have hoped for a better night to start out our lives together! It was definitely worth all the stress and hard work that went into everything.

For those who don't already know, we had a slight blip in our pre-wedding bliss when Patrick decided to tango with a semi on I-95. Although the semi driver ''Thought he killed that boy,'' Pat only had a few scratches and bruises. And that, my friends, is what we call a miracle. The his valliant garnet & gold ford ranger was not so lucky. But that's okay - New Car!

Anywho, we spent a few days in Houston before travelling on to Italy and it was so much fun. We got to visit with my 93-year-old Great Grandmother and she is just amazing. We learned a lot from just spending the day with her. We advise everyone who knows someone who has experiences that much in their life to spend some time talking with them ASAP!! Because it really is amazing the things they know and love to pass on to us youngins.

Theeeeeeen, we flew to Rome. Well, first it was Newark. WORST flight of my life. I never get motionsickness, not on airplanes, in cars or on rollercoasters. But let me tell you it was a struggle to keep down the pretzels I ate in route. The flight from Newark to Rome was pretty nice. We each had our own little TV and we had a whole roll to ourselves!

We arrived in Rome an hour late and, after some searching, found Florido Severini, our driver. Wooooooow. That's all I can say. I'm pretty sure I was either 1) terrified at his weaving in and out of traffic and passing in the emergency lane or 2) laughing at his profanities and hand motions to the other drivers - the entire drive!

Today so far we say St. Peter's Bascilica, the Roman Forum & Colloseum (although we're going back there tomorrow) Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral (Pat was AMAZED - can't wait to see his reaction to the Vatican tomorrow!) and a bunch of other stuff that we don't know the names of that we took tons of pictures of from the TOP of a double decker tourbus! Yes, we're going all out, nerdy tourist style - including the cameras aruond the neck :)

Pat just mentioned one other thing we saw today - the back of our eyelids. Oh, wait!! We haven't seen that in a while! So off we go to get some pizza and to get some sleep so we're ready for a FULLL day tomorrow! Day after that, we're off to Siena and hope to catch up with yall again then!

Patrick & Riley LANDY -- (still haven't gotten used to that :)


Dad Goebel said...

Hey, the Bank of America card has been place on Hold. You need to contact Mom Landy or Mom Goebel to get released.

Trina Marie said...

I'm living vicarously through you. So make sure you keep this up to date:) Love yoy Mrs. Landy!