Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long overdue ...

Finally, finally, we're starting to know what normal married life it all about! Well, as normal as it can be for people like us :D Before we get to the juicy stuff, we'll give y'all the down and dirty of the past 6 months.
  • After our glorious 2 weeks in italy, I started classes for the fall semester and Patrick had to go back to Tallahassee until he FINALLY started working for Tampa Bay Shipbuilding as an engineering planner in October.
  • Less than 6 weeks later, he got a promotion to Assistant Supervisor.
  • Beginning when we moved to the new apartment before the wedding but in increasing frequency in the coming months, we had a lot of visitors. Unwelcome visitors. We called an exterminator to come to get rid of the visitors. But they didn't want to leave! The exterminator, who we got to know on a first name basis, came back. Our little palmetto bug visitors still didn't want to leave. They wanted to climb up on the couch and watch TV with us. We, on the other hand, were not quite comfortable with that. Ramon came back again, with the heavy artillery this time. But our little friends were persistent. So, we cried "uncle"high tailed it outta there. We found a 2 bedroom (with a FIREPLACE!) in a better location for less money.
  • We moved mid-December/mid-final exams. But it was worth it!
  • We had an amazing first Christmas together as old married folks.
  • Came back to our new, visitor free (except those who were invited) apartment. Patrick worked and I did nothing. Not a thing. Oh, except for 4 pages in my scrap book!
  • We finally used those tickets to Busch Gardens Mom Goebel got us in April and had an absolute blast feeding the giraffe! We're buying year long passes in the spring!

I turned 23 on January 29th. It was sad, I've heard it's all down hill after 23. EXCEPT that I got a Wiiiiiiiiiiiii Fit! And I looove it! I actually got it the weekend before my birthday and when I turned 23, it told me "Don't get down about your age. Just keep working hard to stay in shape." Apparently at 23 you start losing muscle function, coordination and bladder control.

Now it's February 5th. We've made it past the 6 month mark ... longer than most marriages in Hollywood! We are enjoying every minute, literally. Except maybe the minutes that we're asleep. But those are nice too. Oh, and except those minutes I was stuck on the side of I-275 after being the lead car in a 5 car pile up! I'm fine but the Green Goblin got her butt spanked by a CRV. Thankfully, she has a little extra padding back there (just like her owner) and the spare tire absorbed most of the blow.

On February 14th, I'm running in my first race ever. A 5k that runs along the water in Downtown St. Pete. And Patrick has promised to be waiting for me at the finish line with an oxygen mask and flowers for Valentine's Day.

We took a break, pondered over dinner, and can't think of anything else that needs to be said except that every day, we realize even more how extremely blessed we are to have each other. We are having the time of our lives and intend to keep doing so until we are no longer living!

Love to all,
Pat & Ri