Friday, August 8, 2008

Un giorno interssante

This picture illustrates what you may look like after consuming 1 liter of red wine and wandering around the city for two hours. However, we weren't exactly wandering on foot. We got on bus No. 10, the bus our hotel told us to take. Little did we know that bus No. 10 has two different routes. One that goes outside the city, to some little town called Bellverde. Another that stays around town and stops at Via Orlandoi, the road on which our hotel is located. Well, as you can probably tell, we went to Belleverde. Then, after returning to the city (where we started int he first place) and riding for about another hour, we decided to take our chaces, pressed the "fermata prenotata" button and hopped off. Hence, the look of confusion and anguish in our faces. Actually, not anguish because we were just laughing at ourselves by the this point.

Our obsevation about everything in Italy running late still holds true. After a half day in Pisa taking goofy pictures, we made it to the train station at 15:42 when the train back to Siena was scheduled to leave at 15:38. We decided to make a run for it and made it in plenty of time to hop on, take a seat, and a nap, and have a snack, before departing :) But not before validating our tickets - which we neglected to do on our way from Siena to Pisa this morning, when the train driver just made a "tsk tsk" noise and said "No stamp." How is it that they know we're American?? He was nice enough to leave a little note on the back of the ticket for the next conductor so we didn't get kicked off.

Oh, and one more even of note. Patrick and I tasted the best thing of our entire lives today. And it wasn't the roasted rabbit sauce Patrick ordered on his pasta (which was not so delicious ... poor Ryan Seacrest) It was la pizza Italiana from La Speranza restaraunt. Pizza with buffalo mozzarella, baked cherry tomatoes (Yes, I loved it even WITH the tomatoes!) and basil. Yum yum! Patrick says That alone was worth the trip :)

There are so many other things to note but, we're exhausted! We're headed to Venice in the morning for some shopping and a Gondola ride. Sorry that this edititon of "The Life of Riley (and Patrick, I guess :)" didn't contain any witty remarks. We're too tired to think and will try to be more entertaining in our next episode.

Until then, Buona Notte!!


Pat & Ri

p.s. For those who have been inquiring - my Italian has been ... sufficient. Better than I expected it to be since it's been over a year since I've had to use it, but not as good as I wish it was! Pat likes putting me into positions where I am forced to speak Italian. I don't know if he likes to see me squirm, or really has faith in me. Either way, I'll thank him for it later since it's given me a chance to practice!!

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