Monday, September 1, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good!!

We were reunited for 5 whole days! We spent the weekend getting our apartment together (or at least trying). But, as Patrick packs up to head back to Tallahassee we thought we would post a little update. There are three major (or, as major as they can be in our simple little lives) developments worthy of a blog update.

First, and most importantly, Mr. Nole Gnome survived Gustav. We are praying that those in Gustav's direct path were as lucky. As you can see in the photo, it was a close one but he was able to pull through in the face of severe winds and the massive waves in the canal on which we live :)

Second, but almost equally important, we got a new car! Thanks to Mom & Dad Landy, Patrick was able to replace the gallant Ford Ranger, who sacrificed his own life to save Patrick's. Big Red will be missed, and could never really be replaced. But, the rental car was only for 30 days so our grief had to be brief. To help us move on with our lives, Dad Landy was able to find a 2005 Honda Civic, and Mom Landy was kind enough to meet Patrick at I-10 and I-75 to swap out the rides. As difficult as it has been, riding in the new car has been quite therapeutic and we believe that, in time, our wounds will heal. Although, we will never forget Big Red.

Lastly, and almost as important as the first two is that on Friday, August 29th, Patrick had an interview with Tampa Bay Shipbuilding for a position as a junior engineer. Patrick feels that the interview went well and is very optimistic! We should hear more word next week so we will definitely keep everyone updated on that development. On a less important note, I also have a few interviews coming up for summer associate positions for next summer. Although I'm at quite a disadvantage against the other candidates, being that they are are 2 & 3Ls, I'm still hopeful that someone will want me. But if not, I'll just take classes next summer and graduate a little bit sooner than expected. Neither are bad options!

I suppose that's all the excitement that we have to offer for now. Patrick will soon be heading back to Tallahassee as I sit in St. Pete, cry, eat chocolate and read criminal law ;)

Until next time, buona giornata e tanti baci!!

The Landys

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